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Kenmore canister vacuum with attachments
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I received a Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner about 5 years ago.I very seldom used it because of the weight of the wands. It came with power beaters etc which I didn't need because of hard wood floors only. If I used this machine more then 20-25 times that is a lot. Mainly I used my old 30+year old vacuum or electric brooms. On May 17th I got out said vacuum...placed it on the floor in the room to be cleaned. I extracted the electric wire from the machine, plugged it into the outlet. I then proceeded to turn the machine (on switch is in the handle). I felt a tremble in my hand and immediately saw several sparks coming from the hose connector to the machine.I dropped the wand handle and quickly ran to unplug the electrical wire from the outlet I could smell something burnt. After awhile I moved the canister to a safe spot,afraid it might start a fire. When my son came to visit he checked it out to discover that the connector hose had dislodged from its covering exposing electrical wires which in turn shorted out the start up wiring. The covering was still in the machine but the connector hose (with the electrical wires) was touching something which caused it to shoot sparks as it had. I have pictures of the defective parts. We purchased a new handle, hose, connector unit in an attempt to replace the defective unit and that is when we found out the start up unit burnt out also.

I called Sears repair number and was told there was nothing they could do for me... since the hose connector was not a recall. Upon further investigation I found that in 1987 there was a recall for a Kenmore vacuum cleaner hose problem very, very similar to mine. That is why I am writing to you. I know it has been several years since the recall and even though different companies are manufacturing these machines for Sears perhaps their design plans are still flawed. I think it should be looked into before there is a house fire or some injury occurs. I think I was lucky enough to escape both.
I wonder how many other people have had this problem and just passed it off as a lemon of a machine. As I previously stated ... the machine was not abused or over used for this to happen.
I will be glad to share any other information that you require.

Respectfully yours,
Incident, No Injury
76 years
called repair shop and was told no recall was ordered on this problem
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 6/4/2012
Sears Holdings takes product safety issues very seriously. We investigate each CPSC database incident report. We encourage our customers to provide additional information about incidents to our Customer Care Network, by calling 800-549-4505.
File NameDescription
Sears connector hose exposed 2.jpg exposed wiring from covering
Sears connector hose exposed from covering.jpg exposed wiring that caused many sparks
where hose gets installed to machine..jpg where covered connector fits into canister and start up unit

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