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Perfect Flame Double Lid Four Burner Gas Grills model number GAC 3615. Serial number 050627
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Perfect Flame
GAC 3615
5/1/2008 This date is an estimate
I use my grill that I bought at lowes in May of 2008 regularly. The description is as follows;Perfect Flame Double Lid Four Burner Gas Grills, model number GAC 3615 Serial number 050627. Since purchasing the grill, small flames are continuosly catching inside the grill which I thought were normal as the flames were not extremely big, I tought it was greese and fat falling from the items I was cooking, however, on 2 occasions, the grill completely caught fire and I had to throw water on it quickly. Had I not been around it, the damages could of been significant as the flames were everywhere. Again, I may of been naive but did not report it as I thought debris from old food was the cause, until I went on the lowes website and saw that my grill's model number was recalled. Initially and incredibely, when I visited the store, the manager refused to do anything about it as they said my serial number did not match the parameters of the recall. I then called the lowes customer service to explain my situation, they said the store should of accepted my grill, that is where we stand now. I am not sure if they will take it back, but regardless, I wanted to let you know, the exact description of the recall is what happened to me in and it was preety scary.
Incident, No Injury

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