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chinese drywall
Drywall in a Completed Structure
knauf / Aranda Homes, Inc
Dear Governor,
IN April 2004, we Contracted Aranda Homes, Inc. to build a house on our lot on Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral, florida. It took tWenty months to complete. We finally moved into our "DREAM HOUSE" the end of November, 2006.
When the news of the "Chinese drywall problems" surfaced. we did not think we were involved since we did not have the "rotten egg" odor.- We did have an odor that smelled like wet concrete. That odor is still present and most noticeable if we leave the house for a day and come back.
We have had major air conditioning problems. Our unit had to be replaced three times so far, and it is happening again. The AC contractor told us the copper coils are turning black.
We have checked all the receptacles throughout the house and found that all copper wires were covered with a black soot-like coating. The wires in our security system box are also turning black. Our hard-wired smoke detectors no longer work. We had to put up the battery-type ones.
We are senior citizens (77 and 72 years old) and live on very fixed income. We do not have the funds to remove and replace drywall and appliances.
Also our house was built with metal studs. We were told if the drywall is not removed carefully (each screw has to be taken out individuaJly). the studs could bend and twist. This would alter the structural stability of the house.
This house was built with one wall of the great room as a built-in entertainment center (all drywall and paint). We have since covered this with wodd, mirrors, glass shelves, and wood trim. It is very unique! There is NO WAY it could be replaced.
We have spoken to the state Health Department, and they have no answers. They just took information from us, mostly medical. We have had some medical problems that we did not have before, namely bad sinus problems. headaches. intestinal problem and itchy skin.
We are contacting you to find out what is being done about this problem on the federal state. county, and local levels. Who should be made accoutable? Who is going to help us? Just how dangerous is this? Is there a legitimate test that could be done to confirm that we have the problem?
At this point, we just want someone to LISTEN to our problems and come up with some ANSWERS.
Your prompt attention to this problem would be greatly appreciated
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
72 years

Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
77 years

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