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JAWS SPIT antifog
THis is an alkaline gel which is applied in diving and swimming googles (at the inside surface facing the eye) to avoid fogging of the googles.
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SPIT antifog
1/10/2011 This date is an estimate
I am frequently swimming for recreation. To avoid fog in my swimming goggles, I bought a product from the swimoutlet - JAWS SPIT ANTIFOG. It has to be applied at the inside of the goggles, then has to be rinsed. I was using the product alreday several times. On February 26th 2012, I applied the product as usual and was swimming for half an hour in the pool. There was a little bit of water running into my swimming goggles and somehow dissolved some of the residuals of the ANTIFOG solution. My eye was burning terribly, even after rinsing the eye for half an hour. I finally went to the emergency eye clinic, since my eye turned red and was hurting a lot. The doctor's diagnosis was a chemical burn of my cornea. I was in pain for two days and had bad vision for about 2 weeks. Fortunately the chemical burn did not leave any permanent damage on my eye. In my opinion, such a product should be taken off the market, when already in the diluted form can cause potentially dangerous chemical burn of the eye.

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