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Rockabye (brand name) Rocker--Horse model
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Colt Poney Rocker
8/31/2011 This date is an estimate
I purchased the Colt Horse Rockabye Rocker for my Grandson. At one year of age we seated him on the rocker, gently moving him back and forth. He loved it! At 14 months he was able to climb on the rocker and rock himself. Although this rocker is indeed the cutest, I do not consider it safe for the ages it is intended-one to three years. With his Dad sitting next to the rocker on the floor and both his Grandparents nearby, we urged him to rock. As he rocked a bit more all on his own power, suddenly the rocker flipped over backwards, with my Grandson hitting the floor with his head and the rocker on top of him. He was screaming. He did have a bump on his head--thank goodness, the floor was carpeted, he just missed the marble fireplace hearth. It does not seem that a toy made for a one to three year old should have this issue--especially with a child at the low end of the age requirement. My son was right there, but, never thought that his son was in danger, he reached out to grab the baby as the rocker flipped, but, not soon enough to prevent the injury. Afterwards as we examined the rocked, it seems that the arc is inadequate. Or, as my husband suggested, that a wooden "stop" should have been a part of the rocker to keep it from overturning. I need to add that our baby is under 25 lbs. We continue to let the baby ride his horse, but, now have a hand at all times on the rump of the toy, to prevent this from ever happening again. I did send an email to, several weeks ago without any response. I am a Grandmother and have never reported a safety concern about a toy, but, as a RN, as well, feel I need to express my concern about the safety of this toy in order to prevent injury to another baby.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
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1 years 2 months
Now hold rear of horse whenever baby rides it
Comment from ROCKABYE TOYS INC. 3/13/2012
All of our rockers are tested to conform to all safety regulations and all have passed testing before they are sold to consumers. All rocking toys will tip over if not operated safely and our rockers are no different. This warning is on every rocker: "This toy conforms to safety regulations of ASTM F963 (USA) and EN71 (EU). This toy can and will tip over when rocked aggressively or when weight is shifted towards the rocking direction, so adult supervision is highly recommended. Only use this toy with shoes on; on horizontal ground and not near stairs, roadways, bodies of water, open flames or anywhere else where a child could either rock or fall off into danger. One rider at a time and a maximum of 80 pounds..."

Comment from ROCKABYE TOYS INC. 7/5/2012
All Rockabye Rockers are cut by a computer navigated router to insure that all of the wooden rocker rails are exactly the same size and shape. Our rocker rails were restricted in the past so they would not rock very far and so they would be even harder to tip over. Our customers overwhelmingly requested that we increase the rocker range so that it is still fun as their child gets older. We have printed multiple warnings on the tags and on the bag the rocker is shipped in that clearly explains that the rocker "can and will tip over when rocked aggressively. We have tested these rails and they will not tip over during normal use. It still takes aggressive rocking and the weight shifted into the rocking direction to tip it over, but just like almost any riding toy, it will tip over.

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