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High Performance Blower Vac (leaf blower and mulcher)
Yard & Garden
Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers and Lawn Vacuums
Leaf Blowers (1461)
Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc.    
Black and Decker
Leaf Hog BV 4000
Date Code 20053349 
Strosniders Hardware
11/4/2006 This date is an estimate

About two weeks ago my Black and Decker Leaf Hog leaf blower/mulcher caught on fire while I was using it. The rear area of the motor was in flames and the plastic housing partially melted. I was not harmed and there was no property damage. There is nothing wrong with the electrical system in my home, as I have used other outdoor appliances and equipment before and after this incident.

I am reporting this to you because I just called Black and Decker and was told that although I know the item is no longer under warranty (I purchased it four years ago) there is nothing they can do. I was given fererence number [REDACTED]. Then I was referred to an authorized repair center who informed me that I can bring the unit in for inspection but most likely will not be able to replace it.

I am reporting this because I am shocked that Black and Decker would not stand behind and honor the direct replacement of a product they manufactured that caught on fire in my hands.

I look forward to your reply.

Sincerely, [REDACTED]
Incident, No Injury
56 years
The retailer referred me to the manufacturer, the manufacturer referred me to a repair center.

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