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Floor Lamp
US LR103653
120V 60Hz 420mA 27W
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Indoor Lighting
Floor Lamps or Table Lamps, Electric (Excl Halogen) (4071)
The Home Depot    
Hampton Bay
Home Depot
I purchased a metal portable luminaire Hampton Bay floor lamp, model 1327, US LR103653 from Home Depot, 11/11/10, $59.97 for myself and my husband. As we've aged it's gotten more difficult to read without proper lighting so we thought this would assist us.

Immediately we began having problems with it. The arm of the lamp is attached to the metal pole with VERY SMALL teeth that are supposed to lock the lamp (light) in place. However, the lamp is too heavy for the SMALL teeth to hold. We have used tools to tighten the teeth, but each and every time, when we least expect it, the lamp lets go and smacks down next to our head. My elderly husband and I have been very fortunate that it hasn't hit us in the head. If it did, I'm sure we would be taken to the hospital since the lamp is metal and very heavy as it slaps down.

It has fallen down so many times that we have lost count. Before we get hurt, I decided to contact the manufacturer Hampton Bay via email 01/03/12 and informed them of this safety hazard. I explained to them the danger we were experiencing and fully expected an immediate reply. To date there has been no response from them.

I checked the return policy of The Home Depot since I have the receipt but it has been too long so their policy does not allow the return.

This lamp is DANGEROUS! What recourse do we have? Thank you.
Incident, No Injury
63 years
Contacted via email, no response
Comment from The Home Depot 1/19/2012
Home Depot takes product safety issues very seriously. If you have any additional information, please contact us at or (877) 527-0313.

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