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Safety Playpen
Made by: Dream On Me
Model Name: Safety Playpen
Model Number: #417
Manufacture Date: August 2011
This is playpen that is suppose to be safe to put your infant/toddler in.
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Baby Gates or Barriers (1506)
Dream On Me
Safety Playpen/#417
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11/15/2011 This date is an estimate
Saturday, 3 December 2011, at approximately 7pm my wife and I were in the process of taking a breather, relaxing, so we put both of our twins in a recently purchased "Safety Playpen" from "Dream on me" when my wife heard a crinkly sound from the playpen. She immediately got up and noticed [redacted], our infant boy of 10 months, had some plastic in his hands and was gagging. She immediately picked him up and put him over her knee and gave him some back blows. She then sat him up and he still was gagging, she immediately put him over the knee again and gave him some back blows and did a finger sweep. Nothing and he was still gagging. So she again put him over her knee again and did the back blows and did another finger sweep. This time he had spit up a piece of plastic, very thin plastic. He then started to cry and was fine. When we made sure everything was fine with our boy we then investigated what was wrong. We discoverd that the stickers we put on the inside of the playpen had a very thin plastic covering on them and would come off if you raked your finger nails on it. This is not mentioned in the directions or any safety warning with the product. After the incident we proceded to peel off all of the stickers and also found this same plastic sheeting on the labels and stickers that were put on by the company. We were very lucky that we got to our boy and nothing happened but some might not if this warning is not sent out.... The product is made by "Dream on me"; Model Name: "Safety Playpen"; Model Number: "#417"; Manufacture Date: "August 2011". We purchase this product in mid-November 2011 and have been using it since then.
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