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Eddie Bauer Camping tent, model No. EB30315. Fiberglass tent pole is part no. 03-0054
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American Recreation Products, Inc.    
Eddie Bauer
Model No. EB30315
1/24/2004 This date is an estimate
We have an Eddie Bauer tent model EB30315. When taking the tent down on 10/10/2011, a shard (or shards) from the fiberglass tent pole (part number 03-0054) came off while removing the tent clips and entered my right hand in the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger. A small (3mm) shard near the point of entry was removable by me, however 2 larger shards (1cm each) required surgical removal. In total this incident resulted in 1 trip to the ER, 4 Dr visits, and 1 surgical operation.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
33 years
We have kept the product for our records. Have not contacted the manufacturer yet, but plan to once this report is filed.
Comment from American Recreation Products, Inc. 11/30/2011
In regard to Report No. 20111117-DBDBA-2147473266, American Recreation Products (ARP) has reviewed the consumer report. This product was last manufactured in 2004. We are in communication with the consumer to satisfactorily resolve the incident. ARP takes the incident very seriously and will thoroughly investigate the cause as well as steps to prevent further recurrence. American Rec requests publication of this comment, as submitted to the CPSC, onto the Database.
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tentinfo.JPG Tent information flap - product description
tentinfo2.JPG Tent label - assembly instructions with patent information

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