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Hair Curlers, Curling Irons, Clips & Hairpins (1682)
Helen of Troy    
revlon curling iron model RV051
11/1/2010 This date is an estimate
A very large electrical spark (looked like an orange fireball) exploded out of my Revlon curling iron model RV051 while I was styling my hair. Luckily the spark went away from my face and I was not burned. However, I have searched online and found others have had similar problems with Revlon curling irons.

I contacted Revlon regarding the problem and they passed me along to the company they said makes these curling irons for them (Troy Industries). They offered me another curling iron which I said I really didn't want unless they could explain why the one I had malfunctioned and assure me that the same thing wouldn't happen to a new one. They said I would have to send them the curling iron so that their product safety review company could determine the cause of the malfunction.

It seems strange to me that since others have had similar issues with their curling irons spanning over several years that they don't already know what the cause of the malfunction might be. I don't trust that they care or will follow through to make sure this product is made safe for the public. I hope you are able to follow through with them to see that this occurs.

Thank you,

Incident, No Injury
50 years
Comment from Helen of Troy 11/9/2011
Revlon licenses Helen of Troy to use the Revlon trademark on its appliances. Revlon's license agreement requires that Helen of Troy design and manufacture the licensed products in accordance with applicable safety and quality standards of the industry, comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any governmental or administrative body, and have all licensed products listed by and manufactured according to the standards of the Underwriters’ Laboratories, an independent organization that sets standards for and certifies the safety of electrical appliances. Helen of Troy acknowledges receipt of the submission. We have attempted to obtain the product for evaluation but the complainant has refused to provide same. Without further investigation, we are unable to respond substantively to any of the allegations made in the submission including any product safety concerns.

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