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GE Soft White 67 Energy Saving Long Life light bulb. General Purpose. Product Code 73727 . Mfd. by GE Lighting, LLC, GE Consumer & Industrial, Nela Park, Cleveland, OH Assembled in USA (but the bulbs have MEXICO printed on them) UPC 0 43168737272 (underneath that are the numbers CG67W2-GT2). Bought at Walmart for $1.50, their code 4387. WE STILL HAVE THE BASE, that screws in the socket. The glass, obviously, had to be swept and vac'd up. It flew everywhere in small pieces. It was all thrown out.
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Product Code 73727
0 43168737272
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We have a light figure over our kitchen table which has five hanging fixtures in a circle, surrounding one in the middle. We use regular light bulbs in it. About a week or so ago the light fixture was on, and then, out of nowhere, the glass just exploded, and shattered all over the place... I am not 100% that all the light bulbs in there came from the same box, but I am 90-95% sure that they might have. I believe that they say GE 67 Watt miser. Many of the bulbs have the word MEXICO on them.

And the sad news was announced a few months back that the US is no longer going to be making their own lightbulbs anymore. SAD/SAD/SAD. There's no way Americans can get quality products if we keep buying [REDACTED] from foreign countries. I'll bet the US light bulbs never had this kind of a safety problem.

Imagine if one of my children was sitting here eating, or doing their homework when that bulb exploded?

Thanks and regards,
Incident, No Injury
Will contact GE today by email if I can find an email address

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