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30 inch. 4 burner GE Profile gas cooktop.
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
GE Profile
JGP336BEV2BB/ Model #
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State road and Brookpark ?
I have a Ge Profile gas cooktop. Approximate age is 7 years old. I was making spaghetti and had a large pot boiling with water on the high output burner. The other two burners were also being used at the same time. I placed the spaghettti in pot and some water boiled over. I was standing at the cooktop and was just going to stir the spaghetti and all of sudden the entire cooktop shattered and made a loud bang noise, like it exploded!. The glass shattered and pieces of glass came off cooktop. Part of the cooktop collapsed. I panicked and removed the pans and inadvertinly burned the countertop. At the time I was very concerned the cooktop was going to fully collapse into the cabinet. The spaghett pot tipped and some water spilled out and burned my foot and dogs paws.

I was so shakin up that I called my neighbor whom is the captain of the fire department. He came over immediately and turned off the gas and told me to contact GE, this was definitely a manufacturer defect.

The next day I called Ge and spoke with a [REDACTED]. She told me she was sorry for the mishap and would like to send a GE repairmen to my house to evaluate the cooktop. They even paid for the GE rep to come to my home to inspectthe unit. He arrrived at my home the same day within 4 hours. He evaluate the cooktop and I quote, He said " This happens alot on the electric glass cooktops but he had never seen it on the gas cooktops." He then tells me," Don't worry the part to fix this is no longer available so GE will replace this cooktop." " That's what we do when the parts are no longer available and this happens." End quote..

The next day I call [REDACTED] and I am on hold for 30 minutes and then I am told she is not available. I leave a voice message. Then I call again on the next day, still no [REDACTED]so I talk to [REDACTED]. She informs me at this time accoding to the notes in the computer, GE will send me a new cooktop, however, I will need to pay $759.00. I tell her this is not acceptable. She says she will see what she can do. I never hear from her again!

I then get a call from GE telling me that since they have not heard from me they are closing my case. I immediately call, and again I am on hold for 30 minutes and still it is somebody new! This time they tell me I can get a new cooktop for $689.00 That is what I need to pay. I again say this is not acceptable. I did nothing wrong to have the cooktop shatter the way it did. I explain how the GE rep told me it was a manufacturing problem They told me to take this offer or they would be closing the case. I again said not acceptable and asked to speak to a manager. I was on hold for another 20 minutes and was finally told the managers were in a meeting and the only additional thing they could do is to take off the shipping charges off the price of a new cooktop Meaning I will be paying $639.00. Big deal!! I could buy the same cooktop on the internet with an additional 10 year warranty, and free shipping for $800.00.

As it stands today I am waiting to hear from a manager at GE!!
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
46 years
They tell me it is 7 years old and really not there problem but they will do something little to help me. I did contact the GE insurance for the countertop but I have not heard back fom them yet. I am sending the estimates for countertop on Monday.
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