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Fisher&Paykel Electric Clothes Dryer Model #DEGX1US
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Electric Clothes Dryers Without Washers (106)
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7/1/2005 This date is an estimate
My wife and I smelled a "hot" smell. I discovered my Fisher&Paykel clothes dryer heating coils were powered on when the main power switch and panel was switched "off". The only way to stop the coils from heating, is to unplug the dryer. I was a safety engineer for McDonnell Douglas, and analyzed electrical circuits on the [REDACTED] for "fault" analysis. Any design that allows power to heater coils with the control circuit switched off, is unacceptable. Given the catastrophic possibilities of hot coils, no air flow, combustible clothes, and a false indication to the consumer that the system is powered off is design incompetence.

I called the company to report the failure and asked to see a schematic of the electrical design, to see where the failure was and analyze it from a system safety viewpoint. I told customer support that I was an engineer and would like to see the "technical" design of the system. I was transferred to technical support, who admitted they knew of this failure, but I was not privy to the technical information as a consumer. He also said I presented myself as a "technician", when I wasn't. He did not think the matter was a safety matter and said I just needed a technician to come and change the control module that contains relays that probably failed. He did not agree with my position, and it was obvious that trying to go through Fisher&Paykel to fix a design flaw, wasn't going to happen. If bothers me that they knew of this failure, and did nothing to notify me of the possibilities.

In my mind, this design is a safety hazard, and the company should recall and re-design the control circuit preventing power to the coils with the system showing power "off".

Please contact me and let me know this report has been read at least. I would like to know who makes the decision and the administrative level it gets made at.

Thank you for making our homes safer for all consumers...

Military Instructor Pilot, Major, USAFR retired
Retired Northwest/Delta Airlines Pilot
Incident, No Injury
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