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Microwave/oven combo made by GE
Ranges or Ovens, Not Specified (281)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
I was trying to preheat my oven/microwave combo to 350 degrees. It heated up and beeped letting me know it was ready stated placing potatoes in oven when the broiler and self cleaning heat lamps came on. F2 came up and said door locked, was also beeping, but door was not locked .My husband tried to shut down the oven it would not go off( by pressing the clear/off button). It got so hot that it craked the inside glass and the handle to open was so hot you had to use a mitt to open. My husband had to turn the oven off at the breaker box. Four hours latter he turned the breaker back on and the oven came back on with the F2 message and beeping noise. My husband turned the breaker back off. The next day around 5pm we turned the breaker back on and the oven broiler is still comming on. Our combo is a GE appliance with the modle number JKP86W0F1WW
Mobile/Manufactured Home 
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Spouse
48 years
It is a wall unit in kitchen tried to call manufacturer and they want a tech to look at it checked it out on line and found out it is on recall

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