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Rowenta Iron, Model Professional Luxe, DM 860, GF261067, 2603, 120V, Made in Germany, white iron with stainless steel base
Home Maintenance and Structures
Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing
Clothing Irons (277)
Groupe SEB USA    
Professional Luxe DM860
1/3/2006 This date is an estimate
I have a Rowenta clothing iron. The Model is the Professional Luxe, DM860. When I plugged it in, the electric cord, nearest to the iron and inside of the tubing that encloses that area, started sparking, smoking and burning. I unplugged it immediately. The iron has not been dropped or damaged and has been working fine up to this incident.
Incident, No Injury
54 years
I will store this iron for 30 days, but will not try to use it.
Comment from Groupe SEB USA 10/26/2011
The insulation on electrical cords, or the metal conductor itself, can become damaged by wear, flexing or age. As the CPSC staff found years ago, this can occur in the electrical wiring of small appliances that receive lots of hand manipulation in normal use, particularly near the location where the electrical wiring enters the appliance or - when there is a reinforced section (bend relief) where the cord enters the appliance - where the electrical wiring enters the bend relief, or within the bend relief. The electric cords of products such as irons, hair curlers, and hair dryers occasionally experience such flexure deterioration because of heavy use involving the user repeatedly turning, twisting, and bending them and positioning these products at various angles. Using and/or wrapping the power cord for storage flexes the power cord at this point and can break or wear the insulation and/or conductor. This repeated action can also damage or break the bend relief itself.

All Rowenta Irons are listed by Underwriters' Laboratories (UL) and incorporate bend relief bushings with sleeves to reduce flexure of the power cords. Rowenta power cords pass all UL required cycle flex tests to assure the ability of the power cords to withstand flexure. However, notwithstanding this testing, features such as bushings and sleeves only reduce, but do not eliminate, incidents of flexure deterioration. Given the number of irons Rowenta has distributed that are still in service, the number of flexure deteriorations of which it receives notice is extremely small.

For an iron, any such deterioration of the bend relief or of the power cord itself usually becomes evident while the iron is in use. The user should stop using the iron immediately and have the appropriate parts replaced.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.