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Reebok Easytone Reeinspire ll women's shoes size 8 1/2 us with 2 balance pods with moving air creating micro-instability, activating key leg muscles
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On 12/14/10 I bought my wife a pair of Reebok EASYTONER shoes which I gave her for Christmas. After a week of use of these EASYTONER shoes she experienced pain in both ankles more noticeably her right ankle and it became increasingly more difficult to use the EASYTONER shoes for any length of time.
On 1/12/11 she went to a foot doctor who administered her ankle a cortisone shot to address the pain. This shot had a very limited affect. ($135). We are on a fixed income and she has no medical coverage so we need to exercise restraint in encountering medical expenses.

She had to limit her use of the EASYTONER shoes but the pain in the right ankle became increasingly worse so on 5/23/11 she went back to the foot doctor. He took x-rays of her right ankle. From these x-rays the ankle appeared to have experienced a hairline stress fracture. He fitted her with a cast boot ($405). The boot limited the movement of her ankle and brought some relief. Several weeks later the boot was removed and the pain again began to increase. She stopped using the EASYTONER shoes.

At the end of June, because of the continuing pain, she had to return to the foot doctor. More x-rays were taken and she was given a shoe insert for a regular shoe. (not billed yet) The insert only made the pain worse.

On 7/11/11 she went to her regular doctor. He diagnosed that she had experienced the onset of gout in the right ankle injury which occurred around the end of December and which was shortly after she began using the EASYTONER shoes. Her mother had gout so apparently my wife had a propensity for gout developing in a fracture. She was given pain medication and medication to address the gout. (lab $277; doctor not yet billed). This condition and the pain is expected to be with her for quite some timed. She now has to use a walker to ease the pain enough to get around.

It wasn't until this Reebok case became public that all the pieces came together chronologically to see the impact of the EASYTONER shoes and the subsequent injury.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
56 years
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Comment from adidas Group 10/18/2011
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