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Bosch Home Appliances Corp
I am disappointed with both the engineering and customer support received in response to an issue concerning my Bosch Nexxt Washer. My prior experience with Bosch has been with automotive products where they have consistently performed at a high level. Unfortunately that expectation of the same quality is present in your Home Appliance line has not been met.
When I reported black mold forming on the washer door seal your customer service department stated I should "wipe down and dry the rubber seal" after each use. For a product that operates in a wet environment this does not feel like a reasonable request. I even escalated in an executive response area, and person confirmed the washer needs to be wiped dry after each use. I expect adequate drainage and drying capability to address the moisture in a washer. I think the product, as designed, is not functional and also creates a health hazard.
Doing some research (googled "Bosch washer mold") I found this to be a common complaint about your front load washer products. I am surprised no action has been taken to correct this defect as it poses a health risk to consumers in my opinion. In addition to eliminating any Bosch Home Appliances from future consideration you are also damaging the Bosch brand with shoddy products and poor customer service.
I am your target customer and so are my friends. By not acknowledging and addressing this issue you are destroying Bosch's "high quality technology" reputation and alienating customers.
Incident, No Injury
I disposed of equipment due to Black Mold Concern; Yes contacted MFR, was told "The gasket s/b dried out at the end of each wash day" And this s/b considered "Part of Regular Maintenance". Bosch Manufactures washer that has to be dried out each day used

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