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Daskin Now Athletic shoes (see attached picture)
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April 11, 2011 had on Daskins Now athletic shoes (their version of [REDACTED]). Gonig down deck steps to work in the morning. Around the second or third step, went to place my left leg on the step and the next think I knew there was great pains in my legs as I smacked the ground. Each leg turned completely/severely black and blue and swelled -- from my toes to my mid-thighs on both legs. Severe injury on my right thigh above knee developed infection -- celluitis. Two hospital stays for infection, two surgeries. On the second time seeing primary care doctor regarding my legs from the fall, he sent me to emergency for evaluation and admittance; was admitted and given high quantities of antibiotics intravenously; number of doctors came in to evaluate my thigh; plastic/reconstructive surgeon removed a lot of old blood via needles then debrided area leaving a large open wound that went down to my muscle. This hospital stay was in May, 2011. Second infection developed around the end of May, 2011 (around Memorial Day weekend). Saw the plastic surgeon at the end of that week, on Friday; he had me admitted into the hospital for more antibiotics intravenously and did surgery the next day (Saturday). An incision in my leg below my knee was made and the inside of the leg was cleaned between my large open wound adn the new incision. The new incision was also to help drain the large wound. Was off work from end of May to about end of July, 2011.

These shoes are a danger to anyone who wears them and should be taken off the market!
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56 years
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Danskin Now 1.png Pictures of the Daskin Now athletic shoes I was wearing.
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