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Our stroller was purchased in Feb, 2009. When we got the stroller out this spring, we noticed that it was very hard to stear and the one handed operation was in no way possible. After my husband examined the product, it was found that the rear wheels were broken inward on themselves. After contacting Evenflo, they advised me that this product was out of warranty and they would have to charge 1/3 of the cost of the stroller to replace the rear wheels. In investigating this problem, I learned that my stroller was manufactured in November of 2007! Obviously, this product sat in the Walmart warehouse all that time. Eveflo advised that the stroller was only under warranty for 90 days but they could extend it up to a year with a receipt. My concern is that since we live in Ohio, this stroller only got used for approx 9 months total since we had our son. How fast would these wheels have broken down in a warmer climate where it would have gotten much more use. The design is very poor and in our opinion, a safety hazard to babies. The rest of the stroller is in great condition but the rear wheels are falling apart. Please note that since my sone is 2 now, we didnt' use this this summer until we went to the fair. That is why we did not discover the rpoblem earlier in the spring. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
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Evenflo did not acknowledge any problem with the wheels nor offer any resolution other than making me purchase new wheels.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 9/23/2011
This consumer contacted the CPSC reporting dissatisfaction with ParentLink, Evenflo’s consumer resource center. Prior to her report to the CPSC, the consumer had contacted ParentLink to report bent or broken rear wheels on an Evenflo Journey stroller purchased 2 years prior. Because the consumer’s product warranty period had expired some time before the contact, ParentLink representatives explained that the wheels could be purchased, but that warranty service was no longer available. The consumer was not satisfied with this offer and reported her dissatisfaction to the CPSC. Since that time, Evenflo has contacted this consumer directly and has been able to resolve the consumer’s concerns. While Evenflo did not have the opportunity to inspect the allegedly problematic wheels after the CPSC report, Evenflo reports that, in addition to testing per Evenflo’s robust simulated use and wear requirements, this model, as well as all other Evenflo stand-alone strollers and strollers sold as part of a travel system are tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure they fully comply with applicable safety standards and regulations. Evenflo appreciates the detailed information provided by this consumer, and encourages all consumers who have feedback about our products to contact our ParentLink consumer resource center at 1-800-233-5921 or on the web at

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