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'Chinese Drywall'
Drywall in a Completed Structure
Venture Supply LLC    
Venture Supply
Venture Supply
"Chinese Drywall" - I own the house at [REDACTED]. I can personally attest that this product causes sever headaches, unexplained skin rashes and bloody noses. I experienced all of these health issues. And roughly a month ago, suffered what my doctors are calling a 'mini stroke'. While I do not claim to be a MD; one does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that any toxin that will eat through copper tubing cannot possibly be healthy for the human body. This small paragraph will not allow me to list the 1,000.00's of dollars worth of electronics, appliances, computers, cable boxes, game systems, coffee pots, furniture (yes, I had power assist recliners that no longer work), TV's, refrigerators and in just 2.5 years one hot water heater exploded and now the second one is leaking. Oh; by the way; did I mention this was brand new construction? I have received no financial relief from the City of Richmond or the State of Virginia. Senator [REDACTED] was kind enough to write to Bank of America on my behalf, but they already begun the foreclosure paperwork to take the house. As seen on your website; you have not presented any new information since 13MAY11; I am writing this e-mail on 1SEP11; has anything been accomplished in the last 16 weeks? When might I expect to see new information from your agency? I been knee deep in litigation since MAR of 2009 and there is no end in sight. USAA cancelled my home owner's insurance once already and after much debate blamed that instance on a computer glitch. Just this week, I get a notice of non-renewal. Insurance companies say they are not dropping homeowner's because of 'Chinese Drywall'; but they are certainly looking for any other reason to snap at the opportunity to cancel your policy. I can only hold on about another 3 months financially. Both foreclosure and bankruptcy are looming and I feel hopeless to do anything about it. I have seen a life’s savings evaporate and a credit score north of 820, fall to less than 500. None of which is my fault. I bought a new house. Tell me, what did I do wrong? Please do something. I anxiously await your response.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
46 years
I can not afford to remediate the house; and even if I could; there is no 'FINAL' remediation guidance to follow.

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