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amazing baby feel and learn soft book toy - approx 5inches by 6 inches with 12 inch string attached with 2 plastic toy rings.
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Amazing Baby
1/1/2011 This date is an estimate
Amazing Baby Feel and Learn soft toy book has a [REDACTED] string attached with 2 plastic rings. This is a baby item for infants. 6 month old daughter was playing with this and got the string completely wrapped around her neck. Luckily she was being supervised and we were able to get it off of her and she did not get strangled. This could potentially have been a very serious situation. This item is sold on the internet and sold by the company amazing baby. They should not sell baby toys that have strings attached as this could pose a strangulation risk. It is sold at many retailers as well.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 6 months
Still have the product - have cut off the string and toys to this book
Comment from Kids Preferred 9/14/2011
Attempts were made to contact the consumer to obtain further information and no reply was received. Based on a thorough investigation of current inventory, third party test reports, claims information and production inspection reports, to the best of our knowledge, the item in question is fully compliant with all US, European and Canadian Toy Safety Standards and all applicable rules.

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