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The product is a 5 Gallon, Bottled Stainless Steel water cooler. There is a red spigot for hot water and a blue spigot for cold water. The manufacturer is believed to be Water Solutions Hong Kong/MTN Products. The coolers is believed to be a Visions VS 210. The cooler was provided by Ice Mountain Direct. It stands approximately 37.5 inches high, 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep.
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Water Solutions/MTN Products
Ice Mountain Direct
On Monday Morning July 25, 2011 around 10:20 am, my 2 year old daughter was at home when she burned her hand. My daughter was able to draw water despite the alleged child resistant safety-spigot. Her hand was scalded by the 175 degree water. She suffered third degree burns on her hand.

Ice Mountain Direct's home delivery website advertises that the hot water safety-spigot is child resistant, but our daughter was able to draw water despite the alleged safety-spigot and dispense the water and burn her hand. We received no instructions or warnings about the water cooler or the unsafe hot water valve or that the hot water feature could be physically turned off.

We believe Water Solutions/MTN Products manufactured the cooler. We believe the spigot is manufactured by Tomlinson. A disclaimer reads "Safety lock feature is no more than a deterrence to help prevent accidental use. Children are inquisitive and will eventually figure out how to work this faucet, therefore should be used on cold and room temperature only."

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