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Novel Dog Bike Trailer
This is a bicycle trailer designed for transporting dogs. It is a two wheel trailer that attached to the bikes rear axle.

The tow bar attaches to the center front of the trailer and curves to the left about 90 degrees while bending down resulting in the tow bar being about 3 inches or less off the ground. It then curves to the right about 130 degrees and up to attach to the hitch that is attached to the bike by the bikes rear axle. The extreme left side of the tow bar is at the same position from the trailers center as is the left wheel.

The trailer can be seen at the following website
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I’m writing about the Novel Dog Trailer from Dutch Dog Design aka ( The tow bar is designed so that it is about 3 inches off the ground when attached to the bike. When turning left the tow bar can and does hit the ground causing the trailer to want to bounce to the right (Newton’s Law Third Law of Motion). Depending on the speed of travel and extent of turn the bounce of the trailer can and will cause the bicycle to flip to the right causing a crash.

I encountered this problem on Saturday July 2, 2011 resulting in a crash while turning left on a right hand banked curve. During the crash the bicycle was flipped more then 90 degrees to the right resulting in me sliding down the road on my right side, all the while hearing the trailer sliding behind me making me think that it was going slam into me from behind. It did not; in fact it stayed coupled to the bike. Sometime during the few seconds it took for all of to happen my left thigh made impact with the bicycle. The crash was followed by a trip to the local Emergency Room with multiple injures to myself including a possible muscle separation in my left thigh. I required a CT with contrast to make sure that my femoral artery was not leaking.

My dog was also injured with many minor cuts and contusions as she was ejected through the front opening even though she was attached to the leash set included with the trailer. The leash set was adjusted to its shortest possible length. My dog weights about70 pounds, which is 30 pounds less, then the limit of the pet capacity for the trailer. Since my dog was attached to the trailer and ejected and then stopped by her neck she could have been severely injured or killed.

The crash also damaged my bicycle; the total extent of damage is still to be determined. It does have a bent rear wheel, which will have to be replaced and broken off components on the handle bar. Furthermore it is very possible that the frame is bent. The bike was flipped more then 90 degrees to the left. If the frame is bent then the bicycle is no longer safe to use and will have to be totaled.

My wife emailed the manufacture on July 5, 2011 with the following; “We purchased a doggie ride trailer so that we might take our dog touring with us this fall. During one of our rides, my husband was making a left hand turn and the tow bar bounced on the pavement and caused the trailer to flip over on its side with my dog flying out through the head hole even though she was buckled in. Major damage to the fabric on the trailer. We also question the integrity of the frame and tow bar of the trailer as it flipped so easily to the right side. The trailer then flipped my husbands bike over to the right resulting in major injury to him and his bicycle.

Is this a common problem with the doggie ride trailer? How do we go about getting repairs to the trailer? Of course, I do not even know if I can get my dog to go near the trailer again.


Their response on the same day was; “[REDACTED],

I am very sorry to hear about your accident. I hope your dog and husband are recovering well. This is not common and many people tour for long periods of time with the DoggyRide without incident. I have copied the owner/designer on this email so that he address your concerns and about the integrity of the frame and assist in ordering replacement parts.

Again, I am truly sorry about this incident and we will be in touch soon. The owner is out of the office for a couple days and he will get back to you at his soonest availability.

Warm Regards,
dutch dog design | customer service | 425.292.9257”

I am now recuperating at home.

I have been making the above mention turn for the better part of twenty (21) years with and without a bicycle trailer (different brand) attached to my bike without incident.
Street or Highway 
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
58 years
Still have the trailer - Wife emailed them reporting problem of tow bar hitting ground and my crash. Please see Incident Description:

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