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Phil and Ted's Dash Stroller - 2011 new model
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3/15/2011 This date is an estimate
I’m writing today about a stroller that my wife and I recently purchased, and a problem that we have experienced with it, that I’m afraid seems to be fairly widespread. My wife and I bought a Phil and Ted’s Dash stroller a couple weeks ago, and recently found out that the front wheel locks up randomly as the stroller is being pushed forward. The problem is so acute, that once the wheel locks up, it becomes a significant tipping hazard. Actually the stroller tipped over with the newborn in it, but we were able to catch him and the stroller before he hit the ground. For obvious reasons, this is a safety hazard. Not only does a parent risk the stroller tipping over once the wheel locks, but also if you are walking across the street or another area that presents danger and the wheel locks, you could be stranded in the middle of the road.

I understand that sometimes there are individual product defects, so we called the company (now several times) to inquire about the problem. The customer service folks were QUITE familiar with the problem. Apparently so many parents are having issues that the company has a pre-packaged washer and wheel lubricant that they will send out to you. Unfortunately, the wheel washer didn’t work on our stroller, so they are now sending us a brand new wheel mount to replace the one that sticks.

My question is, the Phil and Ted’s customer service folks have said to us on several occasions (separate phone calls) that they are well aware of the problem as many parents have called in with concerns. They readily admit that this is a widespread problem (you can Google “Phil and Teds stroller” and “wheel stuck” to see concerns from other parents who have complained). But there are no recalls, and nothing on CPSC website about the issue with the wheel.

How would one go about getting the company to more broadly alert parents that there is actually a problem? We were walking our 6-week old son the other day before we were aware of the problems with the stroller, and the wheel locked up and the stroller tipped over—thankfully we caught it. My wife and I now feel an obligation to do something about this so some unsuspecting parents aren’t forced to watch as their child is thrown to the pavement by a defective stroller, as the manufacturer obviously knows about the defect and hasn’t corrected the problem.
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Yes, we called the manufacturer, who was acutely aware of the problem.
Comment from phil&teds USA Inc. 6/16/2011
After talking to the customer we found some factual inconsistencies with what is contained in the initial report from them. They had reported most concerningly that "the stroller tipped over with the newborn in it but they were able to catch him and the stroller before the child hit the ground". Upon talking with the customer, this was not the case - the child was not in fact thrown out of the stroller. Most importantly, the customer now states that the child was always safely contained within the 5 point safety harness straps and not thrown from the stroller and they also say that theree was no way the child could have been ejected from the 5 point harness. phil&teds strollers pass all international safety standards and meet all regulatory requirements. The customer also claimed that they called the company several times and that they were told that this was a "widespread problem". To date we can only find one email chain from this customer and at no stage did we ever comment that this was the case. We, as a responsible company carry warranty parts and kits (to cover most requirements) so a rapid resolution is possible for our customers and that stroller down time is kept to a minimum during times when a warranty claim is logged. We are somewhat concerned with the customer using the language they have given that the child was always contained within the harness straps safely as intended. The customers stroller has been remedied under warranty.

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