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Reebock Easytone Sneakers with Black/Rasberry trim, size is 7 1/2
- I believe (I don't have them with me).
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8/20/2010 This date is an estimate
In August of 2010 I bought the Reebock Eazytone Sneakers, About 3 months ago, I began having foot pain. I waited about 10 days, but the pain did not subside so I went to the Dr. X-rays were taken and I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my 2nd metatarsal. I was put in an orthopaedic boot for a few weeks to let it heal. When I returned for a follow up, I was told to only wear sneakers for a few weeks, just to be sure we had given the fracture enough time to heal. So I started wearing my Reeboks again. Within 2 weeks the pain returned. The doctor put be back in the boot again for another 3 weeks. Again I was told to take it easy, wear nothing but sneakers, and come back for a follow up. So I did. Then I heard the rumors about the toning sneakers causing stress fractures. Not finding any concrete information about it on line, I decided to ask my orthopaedic what he thought on my follow up visit May 18th. Unfortunately, on May 17th I began having pain in my foot the end of the day I couldn't bear weight on it. At my appointment the next morning I was diagnosed with a 3rd stress fracture (on a different metatarsal this time). I didn't bother asking my orthopaedic what he thought because at this point, I'm convinced those shoes are the reason I've spent the better part of the past 3 months in a boot, on crutches, or both. I only wish I had know about this before the trouble began!!!
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45 years
Comment from adidas Group 6/1/2011
Reebok International Ltd. values comments from our customers and our goal is to satisfy them. We do not believe the issue raised by this customer is a product safety issue when this product is used for its intended purposes. Reebok will contact this customer to gather more information about her experience with this product. We are available at 800-843-4444 to care for our customers

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