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GE Range, Model number - JB400DP1WW
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General Electric
DT2 10359Q
I was baking some cookies in my GE range oven at 350 degrees. I turned the oven off and went about cleaning the kitchen. My 11 month old son pulled himself to a standing position using the oven door to brace himself. He screamed and cried and dropped to the floor. I picked him up and when trying to figure out what happened, I realized there was a lot of heat next to me. I placed my hand on the window portion of my oven door and it was so hot to the touch that if you left your hand on there for more than a couple of seconds you would burn your hand badly. My son's hand was red, but thankfully, he was okay and did not have any continuing issues. I went to Sears where I purchased the oven and they referred me to call GE directly. A GE technician came out and after turning the oven on for a few minutes, taking the door apart, his solution was : the door gets hot, keep the kiddies away. I bought this oven to replace my previous GE range and never had any problems in the past. I feel this is a very serious issue and that it should be addressed. I would never have bought this oven if I had thought it could be a safety issue for my children. I also feel that I should not have to shoo my children out of the kitchen ( a kitchen I feel is safe & childproofed except for the now hot oven door ) while I am cooking and baking. I have always been able to have my children with me in the kitchen within reason. I was under the impression that a tempered glass oven door should shield some heat and not allow the door to get to levels that could potentially cause serious injury. I have talked to several other mothers and none of them have ever noticed this as being a problem in their kitchens. I have 4 children, a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and 11 month old twins and I believe that if this had been a problem in the past, I would have noticed it long before now. We purchased this oven in February 2010. I feel in this day and age with safety at the forefront of our minds and homes, an oven door should not be a burn hazard in my home, especially a new oven.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Child
0 years 11 months
I contacted GE, they sent a technician out and they basically said, yep, it is hot, keep the kids away.

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