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4/1/2008 This date is an estimate
Consumer stated that while her spouse was passing by the saucer his right foot was lacerated by the plastic underneath the unit, he was taken to the emergency center at Phorek Memorial hospital where he received 5 stitches and was released.

Consumer is concern that this product is capable to harm an adult and she thinks that the injury would be worse had it been a child.

Consumer stated that this product has been recalled for end caps but this product has other saferty hazards and should be investigated.

Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
My Spouse
31 years
Evenflo sent a new exersaucer (which is the same was the one that caused the accident) and picked up the old one for analysis.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 5/19/2011
This report was also provided directly to Evenflo Company, Inc. from the consumer, alleging that her husband was walking past an Evenflo ExerSaucer® Triple Fun when he caught his toe on a notched area on the plastic saucer pan at the bottom of the unit. Evenflo appreciates that this consumer called us directly because it gives us the opportunity to address customer concerns and gain feedback on potential ways to enhance our products. Evenflo encourages any consumer with feedback regarding our products to call our customer service number toll-free at 800-233-5921.

The Exersaucer was returned to the company for inspection. The consumer marked the area on the returned Exersaucer where the injury allegedly occurred. No rough or sharp edges were observed upon initial inspection at this or any other location on the unit, and the corners of the notched area were rounded, not squared-off, consistent with Evenflo’s requirements for production units. The indicated area was also tested in a laboratory for sharp edges using the standardized method set forth in government requirement, 16 CFR 1500.49, and no sharp edges were detected.

Since production of this Exersaucer began in 2006, this is the only such report from a population of hundreds of thousands of Triple Fun units sold to consumers. Evenflo notes that the CPSC’s NEISS database for 2009 has over 1,250 reports of injuries to toes, feet and ankles from impacts with various articles of furniture, suggesting that the phenomenon of lower extremity impacts into furniture is not unusual. Evenflo believes that this is an isolated occurrence and this product is not a safety hazard to children or adults.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.