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a u shape light bulb120 volts 13 29 18 watts
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The first bulb he had was placed in a over head light in the kitchen a hole blew out near the bottom of the loght bulb. He is not sure how the hole developed becuase the light bulb does not get hot at all.

It emmitted a strong odor through out the home and mercury vapors in the home. He opened the doors to clear out the home. It isnt sure what type of health effects he may experience being exposed to mercury.

On 4/1/2011 the light bulb located ina lamp on a table in the living room. he powered the lamp in the off position and removed the light bulb from the

He is not sure how long the bulbs been in the lamps or the light fixtures. He estimates that one that was sitting in the lamp on th edesk being used for only about nine months.

Incident, No Injury

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