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Portfolio Flushmount Ceiling Fixture, Item #170548, Model #41801) sold at Lowe's.
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Portfolio Flushmount
Item #170548, Model #41801
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3/11/2011 This date is an estimate
This is about several ceiling lamps we purchased from Lowe's (Portfolio Flushmount Ceiling Fixture, Item #170548, Model #41801) that we believe may be defective and could cause bodily harm — or death.

We have purchased four of these ceiling fixtures for our home, two in our kitchen and two in our hallway. We purchased them at different times, but all within the last two years.

About 3 months ago I was cooking in the kitchen when suddenly the glass shade from the ceiling lamp crashed to the floor and broke into hundreds of pieces. It was very shocking as I had been standing directly under the lamp just seconds before it fell. We could not understand why this happened as it had been properly installed and certainly seemed secure. However, since no one was hurt, we shrugged our shoulders and bought another lamp.

Just two weeks ago, however, the very same thing happened with one of the lamps in our downstairs hallway. We were all upstairs when there was a huge crash and, once again, the ceiling fixture glass shade was on the floor in many pieces! Certainly this could not be a coincidence, so we looked very carefully at the way the lamp was secured to the ceiling.

What my husband discovered was this: the nipple (Part F in Portfolio Package Contents diagram) came out of the coupling (Part D). In fact, the coupling seemed very loose — as if it might have expanded with heat. My husband is certain that this was not the case when we installed the lamp.

If two of these ceiling lamps fell in our home, we feel there is a good chance it could happen to other customers. It does appear that the coupling is made of very poor material — it is manufactured in China — and does not securely hold the lamp to the ceiling for an extended period of time. This is a situation which if not investigated now could prove harmful — or deadly — to others in the future.

Thank you for your time in this matter.
Incident, No Injury
We called the Portfolio Customer Service Department and also wrote them a letter.

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