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Sassy brand name toy. Yellow bee with blue plastic wings, one set of the wings is liquid filled and the other set of wings in textured with a black and white striped rubber handle at the base of the toy. about 4-5 inches long and wide
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Toys, Not Elsewhere Classified (1381)
Sassy, Inc.    
baby shower gift
My six month old daughter, who is teething and doesnt even have teeth yet, managed to get a chunk of this toy (the black rubber part) off and ingested it. Its a sassy toy. The toy is a bee with blue plastic wings and a black and white handle attatched to the bottom of the toy. This handle part of the toy with the black rubber part is the part that she ingested by getting a piece of it off. I went to the store today and they still are selling them. It would be very easy for any child with teeth to get a chunk of this rubber off. Very dangerous. I am thankful she did not choke. This toy should be taken off the market if it is that easy for an infant with no teeth to cause this incident to occur.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
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