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    • REPORT
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    • 12/6/2018
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    • 20181108-8319F-2147384569
    Incident Description: Bicycle fork "APREBIC" brand cracked and failed entirely as described in the attachment.
    Product: Bicycles and Accessories, (Excl.mountain or All-terrain) (5040)
    Product Description: Aluminum bicycle fork
    Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Aprebic Industry Co., Ltd.
    • REPORT
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    • 4/13/2012
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    • 20120315-C969A-2147469265
    Incident Description: I am frequently swimming for recreation. To avoid fog in my swimming goggles, I bought a product from the swimoutlet - JAWS SPIT ANTIFOG. It has to be applied at the inside of the goggles, then has to be rinsed. I was using the product alreday several times. ... (More)
    Product: Swimming (Activity, Apparel or Equipment) (3274)
    Product Description: JAWS SPIT antifog THis is an alkaline gel which is applied in diving and swimming googles (at the inside surface facing the eye) to avoid fogging of the ... (More)
    Injury Info: Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: JAWS JUST ADD WATER SOLUTIONS
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