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    • REPORT
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    • 8/29/2016
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    • 20160722-2567D-1583173
    Incident Description: The consumer indicates that he had charged his phone for an hour and a half before unplugging it and placing it over his stomach while he lay down. Approximately fifteen seconds later he felt a burning sensation where the phone was placed and immediately lay ... (More)
    Product: Telephones or Telephone Accessories (550)
    Product Description: iPhone 6
    Injury Info: Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Apple Inc.
    • REPORT
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    • 12/8/2014
    • |
    • 20141010-B3953-1433148
    Incident Description: The consumer received the laptop as a gift. The consumer stated that the thermal runaway causes the battery to heat up to around 400 degrees and shoot voltage spikes through electrical system in the house. The consumer stated that the lithium battery in the ... (More)
    Product: Computers (Equipment and Electronic Games) (557)
    Product Description: Mac X Powerbook Manufacturer website URL:
    Injury Info: Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Apple Inc.
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    • 7/22/2013
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    • 20130603-BDF63-1331396
    Incident Description: The caller stated that the electronic charging device was plugged into an outlet for approximately 1 or 2 days. He was alerted by his fire alarm and discovered that there were flames and smoke emitting from the device which caused property damages estimated ... (More)
    Product: Electric Wire or Wiring Systems (Excl Panelboards Recept (4062)
    Product Description: Charger
    Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
    Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: Apple Inc.
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